Totally Tantalizing Tuesday – Mark Wahlberg

Okay! I admit… I was a New Kids on the Block fan back in the day. First concert I ever attended was at thirteen years old and I jumped and screamed all the lyrics to “Hangin’ Tough.” So when Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch eventually made their appearance, I was also all about that! I mean – Donnie Wahlberg had a baby brother! Life doesn’t get better than that… until it does. Mark Wahlberg has made quite the name for himself.




Yay! That’s exactly what I’m talking about! Good dog! 😉



Aside from being extremely good looking, he’s also quite talented. He can play a tough guy or the average Joe, but he’s believable and enjoyable to watch.

600full-mark-wahlberg 2011 Teen Choice Awards - Arrivals

He’s also a dad, which to me is always sexy!

***EXCLUSIVE***Mark Wahlberg films a scene in his underwear on the set of 'Pain and Gain' in Miami

And at age 42, he still looks pretty spectacular!

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Totally Tantalizing Tuesday with Marky Mark Wahlberg! I know I did. And if you missed DC Stone’s St. Patty’s Day Man Candy Monday, make sure to swing by now.

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