Get “Into the Pride” with Michelle Monkou

Spring Has Sprung – Michelle Monkou

Is the brutal winter over?

I really hope so. Spring isn’t waiting, although a snow day has been called for this week in Maryland. Otherwise, this is the season of rebirth and renewal.

This favorite time of year takes me back to my Caribbean roots when most carnival celebrations take place. From March, we can look forward to the sun rising earlier and setting later—means more daylight hours. YES! I’m so sun deprived.

Even the birds, flowers, and other life bloom, multiply and celebrate in their own way.

Spring is like nature’s runway for the new and renewed…and…the sexy male hotness that emerge under sun-kissed skies.



Yeah, my imagination runs wild. Probably how I came up with my story, Into The Pride, about the Nuuba Dynasty, a pride of lion shifters.

If I had to pick a season that fit my hero – David Chastain – I’d definitely pick spring. Enjoy this teaser:

unnamed (2)


Scars marked his body. Each slash, burn, incision told a story. Memory loss prevented total recall. However, between the frequent nightmares and increasing flashbacks, details about the trauma painted a horrific picture. Every day he looked in the mirror to check the healing process. He bent his elbow, wincing slightly. Would he ever be whole, again?

Battle scars were one thing, the tattoo on the upper left side of his body was another. The tat had grown over three years, spreading like a vine. Maybe the mark was a brand for his former status as a royal bodyguard, a vocation complete with blood oath and a lifelong commitment. His fingers traced the inked design of tribal swirls, thick lines, and sharp hooks that took over most of his left pectoral. Its progress continued over his shoulder and along his neck, curling up behind his left ear.

Childhood memories didn’t include such markings. Flashes of him in battle gear were void of any tattoos. So why did this happen?

For instance, when did he get inked on the right pec with this majestic lion wearing a full mane, sitting in repose? Its profile showed off a tiny diamond, as its eye, partially embedded in his skin. He touched and circled the precious gem.

A wave of vertigo rocked his balance. He grabbed the sink and shook his head to clear away the nauseous dizziness.

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About Michelle:

Michelle is a multi-published author with over 20 books in print and digital. She writes contemporary romances, paranormal/urban fantasy and publishes her backlist and original stories on her independent digital platform, Stella Maris Publishing. She’s a weekly contributor on USA TODAY’s Happy Ever Blog conducting author interviews, recommending and reviewing books, and providing commentary on romance fiction. She resides in Maryland writing many more stories to fill the hands and e-readers of romantic bookaholics.

Her website:

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Twitter & Pinterest: @michellemonkou


3 thoughts on “Get “Into the Pride” with Michelle Monkou

  1. I love Spring. But then again, I love all the seasons. I like to see the changing weather, although we are fairly mild where I live. Summer in the 80′s, only a little snow in the winter, but an easy drive to it if we want to play. Overall, though, Spring and Fall are my favorites. The seasons of change.
    Congrats on the release!

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