Mid-Week Tease – WIP – Legal Desire – #MWTease

After a few weeks off of writing due to all the technology debacles I discussed last week, I’m definitely back in the saddle. I pounded out about 10k words this weekend, making a short story into novella length and I’m still not done. Life is good when the words are flowing…. As you know, everyContinue reading “Mid-Week Tease – WIP – Legal Desire – #MWTease”

Mid-Week Tease – WIP – “Legal Desire” – #MWTease

Gosh, I feel like it’s been so long! And it actually has! My last Mid-Week Tease was back in early February. Where do all the weeks go? And what the heck have I been doing? My other job has worked me to the bone early in 2014, but things are finally starting to mellow outContinue reading “Mid-Week Tease – WIP – “Legal Desire” – #MWTease”