Mid-Week Tease – WIP – “Legal Desire” – #MWTease

Gosh, I feel like it’s been so long! And it actually has! My last Mid-Week Tease was back in early February. Where do all the weeks go? And what the heck have I been doing? My other job has worked me to the bone early in 2014, but things are finally starting to mellow out a bit. I had a computer debacle and a very serious thumb drive debacle that I’m actually still working out… fingers crossed. It’s wreaked havoc on my writing. But I’m back in the game! And I’m glad to be back with a Mid-Week Tease.


Every week Sandra Bunino hosts the Mid-Week Tease where several amazing authors share a snippet of a new release, a backlisted titled or a WIP. Aside from having the opportunity to share a little part of my own work, I get to hop from site to site reading other authors’ works.  Sometimes you find a new author that strikes your fancy. Sometimes you find a new story or genre that spikes your interest. It’s a lot of fun!

This week I’m sampling a WIP currently titled Legal Desire. It started out as a potential submission for the Evernight Publishing executive assistant/office romance anthology, which is right up my alley for writing purposes. The problem is Derek and Raina decided they had more of a story to tell and I couldn’t contain it to 10k words. In fact, I’ve already surpassed 20k and it’s still going…. and the best part is, I like where it’s going.

Legal Desire involves a fast tracked plaintiff’s attorney, Derek Sage, who’s made partner at his firm despite an office romance with a senior attorney that blew up in his face. He’s vowed never to mix business with pleasure again. But we all know what happens when we say the word never.In walks Raina Dillon, a new associate at the firm that worked for a couple years at the public defenders’ office. Derek asks for her help on case involving a client that has a lengthy criminal record, but what he doesn’t expect is for her to help him move on with his romantic life and find love again. There are some road blocks and obstacles along the way and so far it’s been a fun ride.

Here’s Raina’s reaction to Derek when she is first summoned to his office:

He hadn’t even looked up from his computer yet to acknowledge her and she knew his firm website photo did him no justice whatsoever. Dark brown hair sat in ruffled waves on his head. Her fingers twitched at her sides itching to run through the dark tendrils. A chiseled jaw led to angled cheek bones and a strong nose. His light grey button down shirt did nothing to disguise the wall of muscle underneath. This was a man that clearly took care of himself. Even his silver cuff links screamed sexy.

He raised his head and looked in her direction. When his crystal blue eyes made contact with her own eyes, Raina inhaled sharply. His gaze turned from surprise to smoldering in a second and roamed over her head to toe and back again. A trail of heat followed his gaze and spread throughout her whole body. She’d never been so fully undressed by a man’s gaze as she had standing in front of Derek Sage.

He cleared his throat and shook his head gently. “Ms. Dillon?” he asked, tilting his head to the side. His voice was rough.

“Y-yes,” she said, stepping further into his office and approaching his desk. She held out her trembling hand to him. Damn it! Pull yourself together. He’s just a man! A damn good looking man, but just a man! “Raina Dillon. Please call me Raina. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He stood from behind his desk. His dark grey slacks clung to strong, muscular thighs. Good God! The bottom half of his body appeared as impressive as the top.

He grasped her hand in his firm grip. A warmth shot up her arm and coiled deep in her core. The instant attraction to him had her panties already damp. When was the last time she had been so thoroughly turned on just being in the presence of a man. That’s right! Never!

“Have a seat, Raina,” he said, motioning to a chair directly in front of his desk. She squatted into the brown leather padded chair and crossed one leg over the other. Her legal pad and pen rested on her lap. He audibly exhaled as he sat back down. She didn’t miss his perusal of her bare legs or the satisfied grin on his lips. For several long seconds, they sat in an awkward silence. Finally, he scrubbed a hand over his face and appeared ready for the conversation. “How are you liking the firm?”

“So far, I love it,” she said, shifting in her seat. His gaze rested on her face before it dipped lower momentarily and Raina’s cheeks flushed. Oh God! He’s checking me out! Her heart raced and her blood pumped vigorously through her veins. Was it even possible that he’d be attracted to her? A man like this could have any woman he wanted. In fact, he probably had many.

“Good to hear,” he said. “You’ll love working with Ron. He’s one of the best civil litigators out there. Lots to learn from him.” His voice melted over her like warm, dark chocolate and her mind couldn’t help but imagine that same voice rolling over her with him poised above her. “Raina?”

“Sorry,” she said. Her cheeks flushed and she glanced out his floor-to-ceiling windows to catch her breath. Being in his presence fogged her brain. She was losing her mind around this man. Taking a deep inhale, she calmed her nerves and looked back at him sitting controlled behind his desk.

I hope you enjoyed this snippet from Legal Desire and your introduction to Raina and Derek. I couldn’t believe how they just took over on this story and turned a short anthology story into a longer book! Don’t forget to check out the other fabulous snippets from some amazing authors! Click the link below!

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  1. Welcome back, Jessica! Never say never is so very true! Glad you’re having a good time getting back to writing and doing it with the lovelies, Derek and Raina. 🙂

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